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The use of hotmelt extrusion (HME) within the pharmaceutical industry is steadily increasing, due to its proven ability to efficiently manufacture novel products. The process has been utilized readily in the plastics industry for over a century and has been used to manufacture medical devices for several decades. The development of novel drugs with poor solubility and bioavailability brought the application of HME into the realm of drugdelivery systems. This has specifically been shown in the development of drugdelivery systems of both solid dosage forms and transdermal patches. HME involves the application of heat, pressure and agitation through an extrusion channel to mix materials together, and subsequently forcing them out through a die. Twin-screw extruders are most popular in solid dosage form development as it imparts both dispersive and distributive mixing. It blends materials while also imparting high shear to break up

particles and disperse them. HME extrusion has been shown to molecularly disperse poorly soluble drugs in a polymer carrier, increasing dissolution rates and bioavailability. The most common difficulty encountered in producing such dispersions is stabilization of amorphous drugs, which prevents them from recrystallization during storage. Pharmaceutical industrial suppliers, of both materials and equipment, have increased their development of equipment and chemicals for specific use with HME. Clearly, HME has been identified as an important and significant process to further enhance drug solubility and solid-dispersion production.

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Shanghai chooshin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional and technical company, which is mainly committed to introducing and manufacturing all kinds of international advanced instruments, equipment and related technologies required for R & D, quality inspection and production in the food pharmaceutical field and petrochemical field, and closely cooperating with relevant domestic universities, research units and enterprises. Our products are designed in the fields of biopharmaceutical, food processing, rubber and plastics, and provide customers in this field with instruments, equipment, technology introduction and support. At present, we are the most comprehensive supplier of domestic drug extrusion and crushing equipment from laboratory to pilot test and production. Any test equipment we choose can be equally scaled up to pilot test and production. At the same time, many world-famous rubber and plastic material companies have provided complete processes for rubber and plastic sample preparation, analysis and testing. As the agent of these manufacturers in China, we will unremittingly provide sincere and professional technical support and after-sales service to every customer. Since its establishment, the company has established the purpose of "technology-based, customer-oriented". Therefore, we continue to build skilled and experienced sales and technical teams to meet the rapid development of the company and customer needs. With high-quality products and professional services, we have a wide range of customers in biopharmaceutical, petroleum and petrochemical, foreign enterprises and joint ventures, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes.