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Product Detail
Combined screw sleeve of extruder Screw Element
Series : Screw Module Combined Screw Sleeve of Extruder Customizable Twin Screw Thread Element
Spec : 15.6-500mm
Material : 304 316 stainless steel
Value :
Code : Combined screw sleeve of extruder

Standard screw elements and kneading blocks

Processing range          

Type of thread element
Conveying element
Hybrid element
Kneading block and kneading sheet
Conversion element (GD)
Deep trough conveying element (SK)
For side feed element
Single head, double head and three head threaded elements
Special at customer's request

The application type
-   APV                    - Kobe                     - Theysohn

-Bühler               - Toshiba                 - Buss
-USEON             - Clextral                 - Labtech   
-Kurimoto          - Lantai
-JSW                   - Leistritz                - KEYA

-   Maris                 - OMC

The two most important factors for threaded elements are:
Material and gap
Make different materials and select different component materials

Small gap:
Screw clearance is one of the most important factors affecting product quality and output

ØSmall gap: strong effective pushing capacity, which is the guarantee of output.
ØSmall gap: good mixing effect, short thermal history and high head pressure are the guarantee of quality.
ØSmall clearance: good self-cleaning effect: fast cleaning, material saving and low labor intensity
ØSmall gap: less backflow and short residence time
ØLarge clearance: the pressure of the machine head causes backflow and leakage, affects the output, and causes material emission at the exhaust port
ØLarge clearance: the material stays in the barrel for a long time, which is easy to overheat and decompose, affecting the appearance quality
Large gap: large backflow, glass fiber reinforced and other products will produce over shearing, which will affect the strength performance of the product
The end face is continuous without dead angle
The transition between threaded elements with different end face shapes is continuous without dead angle and aggregate
Stable and uniform product quality
图片121.jpgMaterial category and characteristics Introduction:

1.hip material system imported from Germany (ultra-high wear-resistant Bimetallic Powder Alloy): Hwa is ultra-high wear-resistant, high torque, high corrosion resistance and anti cracking. It is used in the international advanced twin-screw extruder. It is used in the high wear working environment such as engineering plastics with more than 50% fiber.
2.common materials: HW01, HW02;
3.high speed tool steel material: HW03 is vacuum quenched and integrally hardened threaded components, with high wear resistance and strong toughness. It is applied to the processing of glass fiber engineering plastics below 30%, high filling engineering plastics and wood plastic plastics;
4.Nitrided steel HC01, with high hardness, corrosion resistance, super toughness and crack resistance, is applied to the production of common threaded elements and compound threaded elements. It is characterized by hard outside and soft inside, and corrosion resistance;
5.Hastelloy material HCS03 HCS 04, a super corrosion resistant nickel base alloy, is applied to the screw making of fluoroplastic (F46) extruder;
6.stainless steel HCS 01 HCS 02, used for corrosion prevention, rust prevention and screw manufacturing of food extruder

Processing characteristics and advantages

1. All components and materials are adopted from domestic first-line brands or European professional material suppliers of twin screw molding machine, and the elements and metallographic analysis and inspection, to ensure the safety of raw materials

2. Check the internal spline 100% with spline plug gauge to ensure the interchangeability of components;

3. All components are processed by hot post CNC grinding, the shape error is controlled within ±0.015, and the distance and thickness tolerance of kneading blocks are controlled within ±0.03.
The length tolerance is controlled within ±0.01, and the surface roughness is ≤Ra0.8, which completely eliminates the influence of heat treatment deformation on the quality of components.

4. The powder high speed steel processed by European HIP process, and strictly according to the other side of the heat treatment process of the components, its wear resistance and corrosion resistance is the same as foreign first-line brands;

5. Professional technical team can not only provide timely and accurate sample surveying and mapping design, but also provide technical services in component combination;

6. Whether domestic or foreign first-line brand host, the company has detailed technical information and special fixture, can quickly provide spare parts service;

图片129.jpg    图片127.jpg

Advantages of large groove depth ratio:

Improve feeding condition: improve feeding capacity
Reducing the shear rate and melt processing temperature can allow the screw speed to be increased and the output to be increased.
Greater exhaust capacity: more fully released after compression.
Reduce the processing temperature, reduce the molecular chain breakage and even degradation of materials, and improve the product quality.

Applications with large groove depth ratio:
Low density and high water content materials
Engineering Plastics: high filling and blending, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), cable material (halogen-free flame retardant)
Concentrated masterbatch: additive masterbatch, color masterbatch