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Analysis and Testing Center

Third party testing services

Analysis and Testing Center

The analysis and testing center of Shanghai Zexing Industry Co., Ltd. is an important testing platform that specializes in testing, testing and method development, testing technology services, and provides testing technology services, especially for material plate testing. The business scope covers mechanical, thermal, electrical, rheological, physical property analysis, element analysis, component analysis, aging analysis, etc., and provides key testing platforms for industry benchmarking and testing technology development services.

Composition analysis

Including SEM, micro - XRF, ICP, micro infrared, micro Raman and other detection instruments; The morphology, elemental composition and functional groups of the materials were detected and analyzed comprehensively;

Rheological properties

Including melt index, capillary rheometer, rotary rheometer and other testing instruments; The melt index, shear viscosity, storage modulus and loss modulus of the material melt were tested;

thermal analysis

Including DSC, TGA, HDT, DMA, TMA and other testing instruments; Test the change of material with heat flow, weight, size, modulus, etc. under programmed temperature control;

Chromatography, mass spectrometry

Including gel permeation chromatography, multi-functional sample injection gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, ion chromatography and other detection instruments; Detect the molecular weight and its distribution of materials, and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of components in the form of thermal desorption / thermal cracking / headspace / liquid / gas, etc

Mechanical properties

Including electronic testing machine, hammer impact testing machine, resistivity meter, dielectric constant meter and other testing instruments; The tensile properties, bending properties, hammer impact strength, surface / volume resistivity, dielectric constant and other properties of the materials were tested;

Optics, others

It includes hot stage polarizing microscope, digital microscope, (laser particle sizer) and other detection instruments; detection of material melt, crystal observation, ultra depth of field microscopic imaging, particle size distribution, etc;

Composition analysis

Composition analysis

Electron scanning microscope: equipped with Oxford energy spectrum, it can carry out 30000 times of microscopic observation, element analysis and image division;

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer: it can carry out element analysis in 0.12mm micro area, and is commonly used for qualitative analysis of metal foreign matters

Micro infrared: it can be used for component analysis of micro area, which is commonly used for component analysis of foreign bodies;

Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer: it can analyze the total content of elements, and is commonly used for metal and halogen detection;

Micro Raman: it can analyze the composition of micro area, including carbide analysis;

Rheological properties

Rheological properties

Capillary rheometer: it can detect the melt viscosity under different shear rates, such as shear viscosity and thermal stability;

Rotary rheometer (stress type): it can test the storage modulus, loss modulus and complex viscosity of the melt under different movements;

Rotary rheometer (strain type): the motor is separated from the sensor, and pure rheological results are obtained through the separation of stress / strain;

Melt flow rate meter: it can test the melt flow rate, and is widely used to evaluate the fluidity of plastics;

thermal analysis

thermal analysis

Differential scanning calorimeter: it can detect the change of heat flow under programmed temperature control, such as melting point, crystallization temperature, etc;

Thermogravimetric analyzer: it can detect the weight change under programmed temperature control, such as decomposition temperature, residue, etc;

Laser thermal conductivity meter: it can detect the thermal conductivity of materials, such as thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity;



Hot platform polarizing microscope: equipped with Linkam thms600 cold and hot platform, it can carry out micro polarizing observation of solids and melts;

Digital microscope: capable of multi angle microscopic observation, three-dimensional apparent imaging and measurement;

Laser particle sizer: equipped with solvent resistant system, which can test particle size distribution by dry and wet methods;

Chromatography mass spectrometry

Chromatography mass spectrometry

Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time mass spectrometry: through matrix assisted, the sample to be measured is excited by laser and enters the mass spectrometry; Repeat unit, end group and organic salt can be detected;

Multi functional injection platform GC / MS: thermal desorption / pyrolysis / headspace / liquid and other gas detection;

Ion chromatography: it can detect anions and cations (alkali metal / ammonium radical) in aqueous solution

LC / MS: qualitative / quantitative analysis of solution components;

Mechanical and electrical properties

Mechanical and electrical properties

Electronic universal testing machine: equipped with high and low temperature box, it can test tensile property, bending property and creep property at - 80 ℃ and 200 ℃;

Impact testing machine: equipped with low-temperature sample box, it can detect the impact strength of simply supported beam / cantilever beam at - 40 ℃ room temperature;

Dielectric constant meter: commonly used to detect the dielectric constant and loss factor of plates;

Analysis of hazardous substances

Physical and chemical analysis laboratory for hazardous substances

Reach solution ,   ROHS test , phthalate test

PAHs test , volatile voc/ formaldehyde , pfos/pfoa

Testing of food contact materials , preparation of MSDs , halogen testing

Nonylphenol NP , asbestos / organotin , SVHC test

WEEE , DMF , Norway POHS

Packaging directive , ELV , azo azo

California 65 act , pops , heavy metal testing


ELV Laboratory for automotive materials

Provide one-stop service solutions such as ELV prohibited substances detection imds/cmads material information system tracking, and carry out imds/camds tracking, analysis, 3R calculation and prohibited substances management for parts and materials information of suppliers at all levels.

Service scope:

Polymer materials: plastics, rubber, chemical fiber products, coatings, adhesives

Metal material: ferrous metal, nonferrous metal

Non metallic materials: inorganic non-metallic and natural materials

Other materials: chemical products, electrical accessories

Photoaging test

Photoaging test

Sunlight is a major factor in the degradation of many materials, including plastics, textiles, coatings and other organic materials. As the equipment with the most advanced test system in the same type, the imported lighting simulation test box can set temperature, humidity and total radiation parameters to simulate indoor and outdoor conditions. The 1000L (975*1000*950) large space can meet the requirements of materials of various sizes and samples of component sections.

Service scope:

Aging of automobile interior and exterior finishes

DIN75220,IEC60068-2-1TEST A

IEC60068-2-2 TEST B

IEC60068-2-14,TEST NB



PV 1211


Environmental reliability laboratory

Environmental reliability laboratory

The environmental reliability laboratory can accelerate the simulation of the real use of products in different climates and environments. Environmental and durability testing can help you minimize the risk caused by loss compensation through early detection of design defects, so as to meet the test requirements of major engine manufacturers and various technical standards.

Service scope:

High and low temperature cycle test

Temperature cycling + infrared heating

Constant temperature and humidity test

Rapid temperature change test

High temperature storage

Low temperature storage

Thermal Shock Test

Corrosion Laboratory

Corrosion Laboratory

Salt spray corrosion is a kind of common and most destructive atmospheric corrosion. It mainly uses the artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions created by the salt spray test equipment to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. The laboratory is equipped with a fully imported 1000L salt spray test chamber

Service scope:

Comprehensive salt spray test


​Walk in test room

Walk in test room

With the diversification of customers' demand for services, the laboratory is equipped with 12 cubic meters of walk-in test boxes to meet the needs of large volume test samples. To provide customers with top-level testing services in the fields of various automotive hydraulic systems, aerodynamics, electronics, electrical and mechanical systems.

Model: 60-95

Specification: 12m3

Test room size: w2000mm*h2000mm*d3000mm

Temperature range: -60to +95 ° C

Humidity range: 10 to98% RH

​Mechanical vibration laboratory

Mechanical vibration laboratory

1. Vibration test is to simulate a series of vibration phenomena and test the life cycle of products

Whether it can withstand the test of vibration environment during transportation or use, and whether it can

Define requirements and standards for product design and function

2. The drop test is a step that specifies that the product falls from a certain height to the test surface

Process to confirm the adaptability of the product to fall due to rough handling during handling

Sinusoidal vibration

GB/T 2423.10 IEC 60068-2-6 EN 60068-2-6

ISO8318 GB/T 4857.10 ISO 2247GB/T 4857.7

Random vibration gb/t 2423.56 IEC 60068-2-64

Drop test gb/t 2423.8 IEC 60068-2-31

​Automotive electronics EMC

Automotive electronics EMC

The automotive electronics EMC laboratory has powerful testing capabilities that can meet the standards and requirements for transient conducted immunity testing of all vehicle factories. High performance pulse waveform generator can meet the test standards of many countries and automobile manufacturers.

Service scope:

Conduction test csipr25-2008

Radiation test csipr25-2008

High current injection test iso11452-4

Radiated Immunity Test iso11452-2

Radar wave test fordcs 2009

Conducted immunity test of power line ISO7637-2

​Insulation aging characteristic evaluation tester

Insulation aging characteristic evaluation tester

An automatic measuring system for measuring the insulation resistance (leakage current) of multiple samples at high speed at the same time in simulated environment test. Weisi technology laboratory is equipped with 108 channel test and evaluation instruments to meet the needs of various R & D departments and quality departments.

By using this system, the insulation degradation phenomena such as electron chemical migration can be accurately captured, and various electronic components and electronic materials can be realized

Insulation life test ion migration test induction characteristic test capacitor life test

​Conduction reliability evaluation instrument

Conduction reliability evaluation instrument

It is an automatic measuring system that can measure the micro resistance of most samples in an environmental test chamber at high speed.

By using this system, the resistance value of solder joints and other connections can be accurately captured. It can realize the automation of accelerated life test of various electronic equipment and electronic parts.

Welding life test joint life test