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Hot Melt extrution/HME

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Third party testing services
The analysis and testing center of Shanghai chooshin Industrial Co., Ltd. is an important testing platform that specializes in testing, testing, method development and testing technology services, and provides testing technology services, especially for material plate testing. The business scope covers mechanical, thermal, electrical, rheological, physical property analysis, element analysis, component analysis, aging analysis, etc., and provides key testing platforms for industry benchmarking and testing technology development services.
Composition analysis Rheological properties
thermal analysis Chromatography, mass spectrometry
Mechanical properties optics Physical and chemical analysis laboratory for hazardous substances
High pressure capillary rheometer It can detect the melt viscosity under different shear rates, such as shear viscosity and thermal stability;
Digital microscope
It can carry out multi angle microscopic observation, three-dimensional apparent imaging and measurement;
Electronic universal testing machine
Equipped with high and low temperature box, it can test tensile property, bending property and creep property at - 80 ℃ and 200 ℃;