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Hot Melt extrution/HME

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Hot melt extruder

ZX series mixing and extrusion equipment, focusing on the on-line mixing,

molding and extrusion of food processing and biopharmaceutical preparations, is engaged in food and drug R & D engineers and scientists. In today's drug research field, more than 40% of drugs are clinically applied due to their low solubility and stability. Hot melt extrusion technology provides pharmaceutical production for the application of pharmaceutical polymers in pharmaceutical production, and accelerates the emergence of various new pharmaceutical preparations.

Key advantages:

*High shear mixing extrusion, the carrier and API are evenly mixed in molecular state,   significantly improving the dissolution and long-term stability

*Simple operation, one-step on-line mixing, reaction modification, molding and extrusion, pelletizing preparation

*Simple process, high reproducibility of continuous operation, easy to scale up to large-scale production

*No water or solvent is required in the production process,   which greatly reduces the difficulty of post-treatment and saves costs

*In the hot melt extrusion, the drugs are dispersed and uniformly mixed in molecular form,   which is conducive to the dissolution of the drug preparation and increase the stability of the preparation. It is the   preferred choice for the preparation of various slow-release agents

*The prepared gastrointestinal release agent has accurate positioning and improves the compressibility of excipients

*The slicing process is realized in one step, opening up a new path for the preparation of various pellets

*Under the action of large shear mixing in extruder, polymer drugs can be uniformly mixed without water or solvent,   which is the best processing and manufacturing method for insoluble drugs

*All designs of this series comply with GMP requirements. The clamshell type detachable machine barrel is easy to clean   and sterilize, and is suitable for aseptic production

*The upstream and downstream supporting facilities are perfect. Multiple types of feeders such as metered feeding,   weight loss feeding and forced feeding can be selected. Multiple cutting / granulation methods such as air cooling   granulation, water cooling granulation,   cooling conveyor belt granulation and direct granulation can be selected. All configurations comply with GMP standards

Main purpose:

*Enhance drug dissolution and stability, prepare various targeted drugs, and prepare various slow-release agents

*High shear force mixed extrusion, preparation of various insoluble drugs

*Preparation of various humidity sensitive drugs without water or solvent

*A variety of screws can be freely combined for the R & D and production of multiple types of drugs

*Improve drug solubility and online detection

*Solid preparation, effectively preventing volatile components from volatilizing, preparation of masking agent

*Multi component drug mixing and reaction modification

*Drug granulation, pellet manufacturing, rapid release preparations, enteric coated preparations

*Wet mixed extrusion and molding * hot melt extrusion, wet extrusion

Description of technical parameters:

Screw diameter: 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm

25mm, 32mm, 35mm and larger

*Length diameter ratio of screw: 15/1 ~ 40/1 optional

*Screw speed: 1~300rpm, higher speed can be configured according to requirements

*Pressure: 250 bar (ze5/9 200bar)

*Torque: 5~180n m (ZE5~ ZE35)

*Weight: 45~300kg (ze5~ ze35)

*Power supply: 230V (ze5 ~ze12), 400V

*Cooling mode: water cooling / air cooling

*Heating belt: 230 ° C (400 ° C optional)

*Material: medical grade 316L stainless steel or higher, electropolished

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