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Product Detail
Twin screw extruder barrel
Series : High Temperature Resistance Barrels for Extruder Machine Spare Part  Conical twin screw extruder barrel
Spec : Processing Range 12-350mm
Material : 304 316 stainless steel
Value :
Code : Twin screw extruder barrel

Twin screw extruder barrel

The barrel is composed of a barrel outer sleeve and an inner steel sleeve:

The outer casing of the barrel is processed with 45 # steel forgings to prevent heating deformation and improve the strength and stability of the barrel after series connection

The water channel of the machine barrel adopts porous circulation, and the surface roughness of the water channel hole is ra5ra10, which can effectively prevent the blockage of scale, and achieve the purpose of accurate and efficient temperature control

The cylinder steel sleeve is made of nickel base superalloy + tungsten carbide, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The wear coefficient is' α 101 'and 35 times of ordinary medium carbon steel alloy

The overall appearance of the barrel is exquisite and the dimensional accuracy is extremely high. Perpendicularity of end face ≤ 0.015mm, concentricity ≤ 0.015mm, concentricity ≤ 0.05mm after the barrel is connected in series


Materials:   the company adopts the powder highspeed steel processed by imported HIP process and the cylinder processed by precision   CNC. Its precision,   wear resistance and corrosion resistance are consistent with those of original foreign firstline brands. The price   performance ratio is much higher than that of similar products. Strictly control the accuracy during processing

Barrel lining:
Inlaid structure, lining made of wear-resistant or corrosion-resistant materials

Product Description:
According to the design shape: closed barrel, combined barrel with side feeding port and barrel with exhaust port.

Divided by bushing: integral cylinder (without bushing) with bushing.
Processing range: φ 12- φ 350mm


Application model
- Theysohn:TSK              - SM:TEK-HS                          - TOSHIBA:TEM
- KEYA,LAITAI                 - Labtech:LTE                         - Maris:TM-W
- Feddem:FED-MTS        - USEON:TDS                         - Leistritz:ZSE
- APV:MP                        - Fessia Macross:NRII            - SHIZHOU:MTE
- JSW:TEX                       - Other models

Processing characteristics
1. All component materials are from domestic firstline brands and European twinscrew plastic machine professional material suppliers. Element and metallographic analysis and inspection are carried out to ensure that the raw materials are safe.
2. All products are processed by CNC to ensure the consistency of component shape and tolerance design (original accessories).
3. The powder highspeed steel processed by European HIP process and the components are treated in strict accordance with the other party's heat treatment process. Its wear resistance and corrosion resistance are the same as those of foreign first-class brands.
4. The professional technical team can not only provide timely and accurate surveying and mapping design of samples, but also provide technical services in component combination.
5. Perfect modern management system to ensure that customers receive 100% qualified products. At the same time, the quality of each product can be traced.