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Hot Melt extrution/HME

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Product Detail
Production type supersonic air mill
Series : Production type supersonic air mill
Spec : Working pressure: 12bar (max. 18bar)
Material : 304 316 stainless steel
Value :
Code : Production type supersonic air mill

Production type supersonic air mill

It is based on air flow grinding technology. The air mill works under constant temperature and only needs an ammonia bottle.

The powder is injected into the flat cylindrical grinding chamber tangentially with compressed air or ammonia through the jet tube at a subsonic speed (about 50 m / s).

After entering the grinding chamber, the powder is accelerated to supersonic speed (300 m / s) by the spiral air flow around the tube. When the slow-moving particles encounter the fast-moving

particles, they are smashed to achieve the effect of particle refinement.

Due to the centrifugal force, the large particles stay around the cavity wall, while the small particles are ejected from the grinding cavity with the gas.

The high-performance high-pressure technology can ensure that the particle size distribution is less

than 1um.


The minimum feeding quantity in the configuration is 10mg feeding batch.

Different series with output ranging from 0.0005kg/ h to 350kg/ H

A collection point

This process can also be transplanted to larger crushers

Metal contamination less than 1ppm (parts per million)

For two different filter sleeve sizes

A limited number of quick disassembly and assembly systems for fastening components

The whole system is simple and compact

The fuselage is made of stainless steel or Hastelloy with a polished surface of 0.25.

Crushing capacity: 0.05~350kg/h multiple styles available

Crushing particle size: d95<3um, d100<5um

Material: 316L food grade stainless steel, high gloss, all seals comply with GMP standards

Various sizes and specifications of collectors and filter units can be selected

Modular design, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean

Low temperature resource: LN2 (optional for other low temperature units)

Working pressure: 12bar (max. 18bar)

ATEX high standard explosion proof design