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Product Detail
Superfine air mill
Series : Jet mill, imported jet mill, ultra-fine pulverization, titanium dioxide powder, supersonic jet pulverization, mineral pulverization, pulverizer, drug pulverization
Material : 304 316 stainless steel
Value :
Code : Superfine air mill

Superfine air mill

Series products are supersonic jet grinding technology. The powder is fed at a "subsonic" speed (about 50 m / s) and enters the flat cylindrical grinding container tangentially through the venturi system with the help of pressurized air or nitrogen. Once the powder particles enter the grinder container, they are accelerated to "supersonic" (300 m / s) along the circumference by a series of jet airflow and move in a spiral manner.

High speed lapping begins when the particles that have just entered at a slow speed collide with the particles that move at a high speed on the spiral line.

When the centrifugal force still retains the large particles around the grinder, the smaller particles are processed through the exhaust gas in the center of the container.

Small sample size (1-30 g)

Maximum production (up to 99%)

Low gas consumption (6-20smf)

The experimental micro powder machine has fewer parts, which is easy to clean or sterilize at high temperature

Chamber with oversized outlet

Built in spray nozzle

Integrated feed hopper

Quick release air link


Small batch size

Narrow particle size distribution

Easy to clean, no pollution