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Product Detail
Pilot scale supersonic air mill
Series : Pilot scale supersonic air mill, imported air mill, air mill, disc air mill, drug experiment disc ultra-fine mill
Material : 304 316 stainless steel
Value :
Code : Pilot scale supersonic air mill

Pilot scale supersonic air mill

The new generation pneumatic crusher uses continuous jet technology and adopts new engineering design to further improve the particle size distribution compared with the previous generation.

Principle of pneumatic crusher

Supersonic air flow pulverizer can meet the requirements of R & D, pilot test and air flow grinding technology based on continuous jet technology.

Only one ammonia source or air compressor is required for the air mill to work under constant temperature.

The powder is injected into the flat cylindrical grinding chamber with compressed air or ammonia in the tangential direction through the jet tube at a subsonic speed (about 50 m / s).

After entering the grinding chamber, the powder is accelerated to supersonic speed (300m / s) by the spiral air flow around the tube. When the slow-moving particles encounter the fast-moving particles, they are crushed to achieve the effect of particle refinement. Due to the centrifugal force, the large particles stay around the cavity wall, while the small particles are ejected from the grinding cavity with the gas.

*No dead angle, no material entrapment * no wear of moving parts * no grinding medium or lubricating oil contamination of crushed products