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Micro blending extruder

In some cases (such as the development of expensive new polymer materials or the development of drugs), users hope to obtain the properties of materials through processing tests on a few materials, which is difficult to achieve by conventional twin-screw extruders.

For this reason, engineers of chooshin company have developed the smallest laboratory micro blending extruder in China. So far, more than a dozen micro co mixing twin-screw extruders with a diameter of 16mm have been manufactured. These small-scale test equipment have provided immeasurable benefits for colleges and research institutes.

The micro blending extruder of chooshin company can be placed in the user's laboratory. The equipment covers an area of about 1.8mx1m. It can be driven by conventional 220V voltage, and does not need external water source, compressed air, etc. The equipment is controlled by touch screen and has a visualized interpersonal interface, which is easy to understand. The equipment has the functions of parameter saving and historical data analysis, which provides convenience for researchers to analyze data.