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Hot Melt extrution/HME

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Product Detail
Pilot hot melt extruder Customizable
Series : Hot melt extrusion granulation equipment
Spec : 20mm~25mm screw
Material : 304 316 stainless steel
Value :
Code : Pilot hot melt extruder

Pilot hot melt extruder

The world's smallest micro twin-screw extruder specially designed for food and Pharmacy

- HME series extruder has a minimum screw diameter of 5mm and a minimum injection volume of 0.5g!

Pilot medical HME hot melt extruder -- Twin Screw hot melt extruder helps the intelligent automation

of pharmaceutical equipment. The minimum screw diameter of HME series extruder is 5mm, and the minimum sample injection amount can reach 0.5g, which reduces the test amount and greatly reduces the test cost. The pilot HME series includes 16mm, 20mm and 25mm diameters with length diameter ratio of 15/1~40/1 in the test room and more than 35mm in subsequent production for users to choose. It is equipped with a perfect and efficient metering, weighing and feeding system to ensure the uniform mixing of drug carrier and API. The cold air mold surface granulation system replaces the traditional water tank traction granulation and fully meets the aseptic production test required by GMP.

Equipment parameters:

*Screw diameter: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm

*Length diameter ratio of screw: 15/1 ~ 40/1 optional

*Screw speed: 1~300rpm, higher speed can be configured according to requirements

*Pressure: 250 bar (zx16/25 200bar)

*Torque: 5~180n m (ZX5~ ZX35)

*Weight: 45~300kg (zx5~ zx35)

*Power supply: 230V (ZX5 ~zx12), 400V

*Cooling mode: water cooling / air cooling

*Heating belt: 230 ° C (400 ° C optional)

*Material: medical grade 316L stainless steel or higher, polished

Optional unit:

*Feeder: weighing type, weight loss type, forced type, etc. are available in different models and sizes according to extruder configuration

*Pelletizer: air-cooled die surface pelletizing, water-cooled pelletizing, cooling conveyor belt pelletizing, with a variety of models and sizes available

*Granulator: roller granulator, various shapes of tablets can be granulated

*Tablet press: continuous tablet pressing

*Shot rolling machine: high-speed round shot making machine, various sizes available

*Conveyor belt: water cooling / air cooling, laboratory / production multi model optional

*Isolation box: it can place zx16~zx25 series extruders and their supporting equipment