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Hammer mill

Device description

Adopt modular integrated design, hammercrushing minimum particle size up to 30μm.Brushless DC motor drive and DC governor knob speed, speed range is wide(1000~15000r/ min), low speed torque is constant, long motor life, accurateinstallation and positioning, reliable; Easy to disassemble and clean.

The working principle of

Hammer crusher is mainly suitable forhammer grinding process, the working principle is high-speed rotation of therotor with the blade, and the formation of high-speed relative movement betweenthe precision small aperture screen, through the hammer edge and edge of therotor will crush the material.

Process USES

Hammer crusher is especially suitable forcrushing hard, crystalline and fibrous products as well as some productsrequiring very fine particles. It is the ideal equipment for processing bulkdrug (API) particle size.

Technical characteristics

1.Flexible modular design, independentelectrical control;

2.High speed, high efficiency;

3.Material will not adhere to the shell,easy to clean;

4.According to the requirements can bewaterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof options; 5.Suitable for the finecrushing of hard blocks, crystals or fiber materials;

6.Material in place detection, improvework continuity;

7.Uniform feeding device and hammercrushing equipment dust-free seal;

8.Rotor and screen can be quickly andconveniently disassembled;

9.Equipped with twin screw powder feedingmechanism, can realize uniform conveying of materials;

10.Quick assembly connection, convenientdisassembly and cleaning;

11.Optional vacuum feeding, low laborintensity, high work efficiency;

12. Wide application range (30~150um),can crush a variety of materials with different properties;

13.The main shaft and crushing chambertriple seal (positive pressure seal, lip seal, synchronous dumping disk), caneffectively prevent material pollution

14. The control cabinet is completelysealed, the inlet and outlet air are forced fans, and the air inlet and outletare equipped with H13 high efficiency filter to effectively prevent dust fromentering the cabinet;

15.Water cooling channel interface adoptsStaubliquick connector, one million times plug and plug life, socket with automaticclosing cut-off, no gas or liquid leakage after unplugging, which is good forstableproduction.