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Hot Melt extrution/HME

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Double screw extruder

TDS series basic twin screw extruder

It has excellent performance, high reliability, and flexible scalability. According to user needs, it can be configured with water-cooled brace, air-cooled hot pelletizing, water ring heating, underwater pelletizing system, etc. It is an ideal choice for granulation manufacturers.

TDS series extruder adopts conventional torque transmission box designed by Zexing R & D team and is equipped with bearings produced by NSK in Japan.

The barrel and screw parts are processed by CNC, and the main electrical components are joint-venture products. According to the requirements of users, the equipment can also be equipped with PLC and touch screen control.

Model series: TDS series - Basic Model

User orientation: many basic customer groups for a large number of polymer conventional modification operations

Series features: practical configuration; High quality key parts are combined with competitive prices to pursue more efficient and reliable routine operation

Torque grade: n.m/cm3:5~6 enhanced conventional torque

Ratio of inner diameter to outer diameter: ~1.55

Maximum screw speed: 400~800