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CWT plus series ultra high performance twin screw extruder

CWT plus series ultra-high performance twin screw extruder CWT plus series adopts the most

advanced imported transmission system in the world, and its maximum torque coefficient reaches 15

All CNC machine tools, machine head parts, scientific cooling channel design, efficient cooling. Adopt energy saving motors produced by Siemens, abb or Weg to obtain better energy efficiency ratio.

The modular machine structure design can flexibly configure the material of the machine barrel according to the characteristics of the materials in different sections.

Modular screw design, using digital control screw grinder to process more precise screws. Provides tighter screw engagement for better self-cleaning

A complete type library of screw / barrel parts has been established. We will select the appropriate components from our component library according to your needs, so as to ensure that your materials can retain an appropriate residence time in the machine and receive a reasonable shear force. The functions of liquid injection, powder addition and forced exhaust can be flexibly obtained by selecting different machines.

CWT plus series extruders are equipped with the world's leading electrical instrument control system, including the industrial network system composed of Siemens PLC, touch screen or industrial computer, as well as the temperature control module provided by Danaher company and the low-voltage

electrical system provided by Eaton company.

All electric instrument automatic control systems are equipped with switches with leakage protection. For equipment with higher requirements, safety relays are equipped to maximize the safety of equipment and operators. The electric cabinet produced by Rittal company provides good waterproof and protection for the whole set of electric control system.

We provide a variety of screw components for users to choose, including domestic high-speed steel

materials and imported wear-resistant / corrosion-resistant powder metallurgy materials.

Powder metallurgy materials from Mesto company in Finland or Saar pulvermetall company in Germany provide higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can make the extruder have higher shear capacity and longer service life. Users can also use it according to their actual needs.

Domestic conventional wear-resistant materials and imported materials are used to obtain excellent

performance and high cost performance.